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by Rosalie Stahley

This article defines what a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is and why you should add a CDP to your marketing tool kit.

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by George Polyard

George Polyard, Vice President of Customer Experience at ComOps, outlines top five tips in creating effective customer experience surveys.

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by Robert Levine

This article examines one of the most commonly used KPIs to measure forecast accuracy, the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE).

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Lies, Damned Lies and Call Center Statistics

by Matt Flemming

Matt Flemming, COO of ComOps, examines some of the most important KPIs in a contact center.

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The Revenue Director & Casino Customer Valuation

by Matt Flemming

Understand the role of the casino revenue director and why it is vitally important to understand all aspects of the customer valuation method and where to look for gains.  

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The Impact of Contact Centers in the Hospitality Industry

by Robert Levine

This article examines some of the most important trends of Contact Centers in the reservation process. It goes into detail the impact COVID-19 has had on the reservation process.

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Articles featuring our accomplishments

robert levine accepting award

HSMAI Honors 2017 Top 25 Extraordinary Minds

Recognized for his acomplishment in 2016, Robert was the Revenue Management Professional of the Year for South Florida, awarded directly by his peers in South Florida. In 2017, HSMAI awarded Robert as one of the Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization at the Adrian Awards in NYC. 

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hard rock guitar hotel

Introduction of a new Booking Engine focused on Loyalty (eCommerce)

Learn more about the success Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood had with their custom casino hotel booking engine and central reservations development project. This was a partnership between three great firms: Agilysys, SHR, and Cendyn. Project was led by Robert Levine & Rosalie Stahley.  

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Research & Articles We Recommend

Net Promoter 3.0

by Fred Reichheld, Darci Darnell, and Maureen Burns

Published in Harvard Business Review in 2021, this article provides an updated take on the Net Promoter Score presented in 2003. With a couple easy team of tracking customer acquisition, the article examines how you can measure ROI of your NPS and CX programs.

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The Threshold-Crossing Effect: Just-Below Pricing Discourages Consumers to Upgrade

by Junha Kim / Selin A. Malkoc / Joseph K. Goodman

Revenue Managers often set prices just-below a round number (e.g., $39)—a strategy that lowers price perceptions and increases sales. The authors question this conventional wisdom in a common consumer context: upgrade decisions (e.g., whether to upgrade a rental car or hotel room).

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The Origin of Revenue Management in The Hospitality Industry

by Trevor Stuart-Hill

Learn more about the origins of Revenue Optimization as we know it today. It all started with a chance encounter in the friendly skies.  

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The One Number You Need To Grow

by Frederick F. Reichheld

Published in Harvard Business Review in 2003, this article is still relevant for almost all business verticals at all stages of their lifecycle.  Guest willingness to promote your organization has been shown to be the #1 indicator of their willingness to share more of their wallet (time & money) with your organization.  

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