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ComOps and Medallia join forces to enhance Employee Experience (EX).

ComOps partners with Medallia, the global leader in experience management solutions, to deliver top-tier Employee Experience (EX) solutions across various sectors. This collaboration places ComOps among the select group of firms aligning with Medallia, underscoring our dedication to transforming the employee experience landscape.

Through this alliance, we leverage the full capabilities of Medallia's state-of-the-art platform and extensive suite of tools. This collaboration provides value to organizations aiming to enhance their employee-focused strategies and achieve outstanding success. Emphasizing Employee Experience has been shown to boost employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and improve retention rates. Moreover, research indicates that content employees are more inclined to deliver superior service, an essential factor for industries heavily dependent on customer service.

The partnership between ComOps and Medallia represents a genuine win-win situation, offering a smooth and comprehensive experience for companies aspiring to advance their journey towards fostering a vibrant, employee-centric culture. We are thrilled to embark on this transformative path with Medallia, and together, we are poised to redefine the future of employee experience.

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Harnessing Employee Insights for Organizational Improvement

Employee feedback is a crucial yet frequently underestimated asset for improving a company. Your team members continuously express their feelings and needs. Utilize Medallia to interpret engagement surveys and other daily shared experience data from employees. Effortlessly integrate data from systems such as your HRIS or IT portal to get a comprehensive view of your employees' well-being. Feeling overwhelmed? No need to worry. We'll transform data into actionable insights swiftly.

Only 42% of organizations quickly take action based on employee feedback. When you shorten the window between insights and action you build employee trust and foster innovation.


Services provided by ComOps

ComOps has a strong foundation in employee experience (EX), making it an excellent match for the Medallia platform. This collaboration was built on a seamless integration of technology expertise, research capabilities, analytics proficiency, and robust business insights. Together, the ComOps/Medallia partnership enhances value for its customers. Here’s a summary of the varied services offered by ComOps, each carefully crafted to accelerate the attainment of EX excellence.


Development of top-tier EX programs through the utilization of best practices and enterprise-grade EX software.

  • Signal capture development
  • Reporting design
  • Data integrations
  • Closed-loop strategy


Program optimization to unearth deeper insights and guarantee continuous program evolution.

  • Training and support
  • Advanced analytics
  • Text analytics optimization
  • Reporting advancements


Guiding organizations to maximize the benefits derived from EX programs, ensuring they meet their business goals and improve employee satisfaction.

  • Maturity assessments
  • Journey mapping
  • Governance design
  • Advisory services

ComOps' Approach

Each organization has its distinct characteristics, which is why ComOps tailors its methods to align with each client's current stage in their EX journey. The primary goal is clear: help each business progress further by utilizing the most effective tools and insights. ComOps provides various service tiers to meet the wide-ranging requirements of our clients:

Foundational: Some organizations simply need initial guidance to start using the Medallia platform effectively. Essentially, they rely on our expertise to begin the process and then proceed to manage it on their own.

Collaborative: For some businesses, an involved partnership is crucial. These clients benefit from a tight collaboration with the ComOps team to co-create and execute EX initiatives, enabling them not just to launch but also to continuously leverage employee insights.

Proactive: Other businesses choose to let us lead, giving us the charge to design and manage EX programs on their behalf. In these instances, ComOps' directive consulting services transform the company's methods of gathering significant insights and ensuring consistent value delivery.

Comprehensive CX Management: Lastly, there are businesses that demand a thoroughly dedicated approach. Here, ComOps assigns dedicated experts to build and manage EX programs across the organization, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive employee experience management strategy.

Employee Experience Pricing

Our pricing for Employee Experience (EX) surveys features a transparent, tiered structure based on the number of employees. This approach ensures that organizations of all sizes can find a scalable solution to fit their needs. With four distinct tiers, you can easily budget for comprehensive employee insights that will help enhance your business operations and employee satisfaction. Explore our pricing options to discover the perfect fit for your organization and start leveraging meaningful employee data today.


Annual billing and a multi-year commitment are required, with a minimum requirement of 500 employees.


The best way to learn more about how the Medallia Experience Cloud™ can transform your EX program is by experiencing it for yourself.