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Empowering Diversity in Business: ComOps, A Proud Woman-Owned Enterprise.

At ComOps, we're not just committed to delivering exceptional strategic consulting and specialized support in Contact Center Operations, Hotel Revenue Management, Digital Innovation, and measuring Customer Sentiment; we're also devoted to fostering diversity and inclusion in the business world. As a proud women-owned business, recognized by the Florida Department of Management Services, we embody the spirit of diversity and innovation.

About the Office of Supplier Diversity The OSD is a specialized team within the Florida Department of Management Services. It plays a crucial role in supporting small businesses owned by women, veterans, and minorities. Their mission is to provide business development guidance, technical assistance, and referrals to entities seeking diversity in their spending. The OSD’s goal is to increase the number of Florida Certified Business Enterprises, embracing diversity to reflect the full spectrum of Florida's citizens. This aligns seamlessly with our vision at ComOps, where diversity is not just a goal but a core value. 

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Lindsay Levine, Co-Founder of ComOps, emphasizes: "ComOps will always value diversity. We prioritize it not only in how we hire, but also how we develop partnerships. I am proud of the success our team has had and even more proud of the diverse backgrounds of each of our team members here at ComOps." This recognition by the OSD is not just an accolade but a testament to our ongoing efforts to embody diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of our business.

Looking Forward As a certified woman-owned business recognized by the OSD, we at ComOps are excited to expand our horizons. We look forward to leveraging this opportunity to further our collaboration with the State of Florida and other organizations that share our commitment to promoting small business development and embracing the rich diversity of our community. Together, we continue to drive innovation and excellence, rooted in the diverse perspectives and expertise of our team. We thank the Office of Supplier Diversity for this recognition and remain dedicated to contributing positively to Florida's vibrant business landscape.



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